Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 September 2011 I've been robbed again!! but the Batman pillowcase is still safe!!!

I know I do not normally email except on Mondays, but we have had an emergency and we needed to email.  My comp., Elder Bott has to write his mom about a package right now, so I figured I will tell you what is going on as well too.  We just baptized a family right now and we are getting ready to baptize in our area tomorrow.  Satan is pissed (sorry for the word)  he is real angry cause we are doing so good.  He convinced some fools to break into our house and rob a ton of stuff while we were at the church doing the baptism.  They took the giant concrete sink from the backyard and threw it through the door.  It probably weighs like 300 pounds, so it took off the door pretty good.  I don't have much any more.  They took most of my belongings.  Luckily they left my hard drive and all my important stuff is in Managua so I don't have to  worry about that. I just wanted  to worn you when I am in the airport with a pillow case over my shoulder and that is all I have, that's why.  

I think my flight plans are in. I was thinking if I have a lay over in Houston then I will just stay there and you can pick me up there and we go to the temple and then you drive me home.  I will send you my itinerary Monday or when I get it.
Don't worry about me.  The Batman pillow case is still fine, so we are all good.  

Elder Bloomfield

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