Sunday, October 7, 2012

13 June 2011 Drama in the Zone

That is crazy that he died all of the sudden (a man (Paul Bergam) from our ward passed away from a massive heart attack this week. It was very sad and I wrote and told Kyle about it). I haven't gotten a letter from Erin (Paul Bergam was her Dad) in ages. Do you know what she is going to do for college?? It will be very interesting to see if this makes them stronger or weaker in the gospel. Oh also, Patrick St.Piers Dad died that is rough. He is a good kid. I like him. Is High Adventure only 4 days long this year or am I just bad at counting days? What is up with the ward these days? Is it small or why are there only 13 kids going on High Adventure that is not the High adventures that I remember. We had 13 but just leaders. But there is one thing that I really like about this high adventure is going to the lake and wake boarding. Down here it is always so hot these days. I don't know what is happening here, it is rainy season but it hasn't rained all week long. I have a cold and fever but life goes on. Well this week was really rough, we are working so hard out here but all the missionaries in the zone are causing a ton of drama. I don't understand why you can't just come on the mission and serve the Lord like you are suppose to. Why do they have to make every thing so difficult? Today we had an activity to unite the zone and it turned into a disaster. Before we even started all the sister missionaries were out side of the church crying cause they don't like their District Leader. So after all that planning the activity turned into talking to them the whole time to solve all the problems that they have. I think things are going to be a little better now. As far as my area it is a little rough still but we have 2 familias that hopefully will get baptized next month. Oh we had some sweet investigators but their Pastor came over and talked to them and told them all kinds of crap and now they don't want any thing to do with us. Got to love that. It happens a ton here in Esteli. Well I think that is all for now, Love you, Elder Bloomfield

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