Tuesday, October 16, 2012

23 August 2011 Doing "Sick" Work

As for me in the mission it is going great!  We baptized 2 more people this weekend and as a zone we baptized 5 families this weekend so I did a ton of baptismal interviews.  As for the month of Agosto we were the highest baptizing zone behind Puerto.  We baptized 9 familias in total and last month they only baptized 4 so elder Bott and I helped pull the zone out of a big hole.  I am way excited for this next month to just finish my mission doing sick work with the zone. 

All the ZL's had changes yesterday except for me.  I will be in my area with Elder Bott until I finish my mission so we are just buckling our seat belts and getting to work. 

As for souvenirs I haven't bought many,  but I am working on that.   I have like 4000 cordobas to get what ever I am going to need.   My last day here they will take me to a place to buy souvenirs so I will be able to get some cool ones before going home. 

For my flight plans,  I haven't heard any thing.  They say that they don't know yet but when I get them,  I will let you know.  Uhm - what else is there to talk about?  

How are all the little kids doing with a new school year?  Are they doing good?? 

Well I think that is all for this week.   Tell Kara "hey" for me.

Elder Bloomfield

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