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18 July 2012 Sanyra's Baptism and more!!

Sanyra's baptism

Our Zone


Dang life has so many problems...  that's why I love the mission we are protected by angels and nothing ever happens to us.  (My email to Kyle had a list of trials going on with family members, friends and us)

Well lets talk about my week first.  Friday the baptism of Sanyra was great, she is amazing.  Oh also Friday we had an amazing lesson with one of the families that we are teaching.   We were actually just passing by to tell them that we wouldn't be able to show up at the appointment that we had set and the guy told us to come in and that he wanted to talk to us.  So he starts talking to us and started telling us about all of his life problems and how he wanted to change and how he wanted to be a better person.  The whole time we have been teaching him he has been really positive but his wife  basically didn't want any thing to do with us. In this lesson she realized that we care and love them and she started crying and telling us thanks for every thing.  To finish our visit, we knelt down to pray and it was way spiritual.  The problem is that he is in a music group and goes to Honduras every Friday till Monday,  but we will see what happens with them. 

Saturday morning, I was showering and the district president knocks on the door and asks us to open the door of the church in like 20 min for President Arredondo.  So I get ready real fast to go open the church.  We got to the church and Pres. asks us to go with him to drop his wife off at the hotel here in Esteli.  After that we went back to the church and he was planning on going out to do visits with the members but not many of them showed up, so we went to another church.  From there I went to do visits with the Branch President of the branch that is right next to ours.  It was President Arredondo, the branch President and me.  It was way fun,  I learned a ton in those 3  hours.  The rest of the day on Saturday we just visited all of the people making sure they would be to church Sunday. 

So Sunday was the day of miracles.  At 9am there was a a meeting for recent converts.  That went really well.  The chapel was full just with the recent converts.  The normal meeting started at 10.  On a normal Sunday as a district, the attendance adds up to be like 230 to 250,  this Sunday we had 324 the most the district has ever had.  There were so many people they were up sitting on the stand with the Seventy that was there and sitting on laps and every thing.  All and all it went great. 

Today we had leadership council in Managua and during leadership council Pres. called me in front of every one to thank me for my work in Esteli because we are really seeing the results of our work here.  It was nice.  He had me talk about one of the guys that we contacted while I was out teaching with him on Saturday, also the attendance at church on Sunday and the 18 men that were ordained as Melchizedek  Priesthood holders (the cool part is I interviewed a good 8 of them for their baptismal interviews) and stuff like that and I talked about the attitude of the members and missionaries here in Esteli.  Also Hermana Arredondo told me that when her husband was talking about us as missionaries having a special glow like stars and we that we just glow, she said that President was talking about me cause I just have something different about me.  Kara and I think it is just the sexy blond hair we have.  Cause we are normal. 

Well changes are here again on Wed., we will see if I leave Esteli or not.  I am confused on if I want to leave of not.  I will let it be the Lords will. 

Well tell every one back home that a trial is a just a path to help guide us to god.  That is actually a really cool quote.  It is by Elder Ballard.  The economic problems, health problems, death in family,  are all just straight and narrows leading us to Christ.  (Don't you just love the faith of these kids (Kara and Kyle), they tell it like it is and put everything in perspective for us parents to learn from them)

Elder Bloomfield  

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