Saturday, July 30, 2011

6 June 2011 "I am just a Boy"

Well lets see-
This week was good. There were 2 days when I didn't even work in my area because I was in Ciudad Dario, the area that is 1 hour and a half away. They baptized a family so I was out there helping with the interviews and stuff like that. I love my new comp., he reminds me a lot of dad. Well at least in his sense of humor. He says a lot of things that I would see dad saying.

Also I started going to the gym this week again. We wake up at 5 in the morning to go to the gym, it is way cool. It feels great to go to the gym again, but I am so weak I didn't realize how weak I was till I started working out and I can't even lift half of what I lifted before.

As for my area, most of the time we just go around looking for new people to teach and looking for those that we need to reactivate. Being here is definitely the hardest area that I have been in. I have been here 3 months and I only have 3 baptisms. We have 2 families that we are teaching that are pretty positive. One of the families has a baptismal date for the 18th of this month but lately they have been real busy so it is really hard to find them to teach. As for the zone, things are alright in the first week of the month we baptized 6 one family and 2 future holders of the priesthood.

WOOO WOO WOO!! Don't be calling me an adult, I thought I made it really clear that I am just a boy- nothing more and nothing less. Kara and I are just following the things that our mother taught us. So don't worry about us. We are just like the stripling warriors, we can not doubt that our mother knew it (even though you seem crazy to me) . But that is just my opinion.
Just kidding, Lovely

I DID NOT GET THE PACKAGE YET I put it in bold so you don't ask me again next week.

Like you said, it is amazing to see how we are in the true church and how easy it is to tell. That thought goes through my head every day because of the things I see here. It is just so ridicules of how easy it is but people just don't think. They can't recognize how lost they are. They think all the millions of problems they have in life are something common, but life can be so easy if you just keep the commandments. Keep the commandments and you will prosper on the earth, the lord tells us straight up in the scriptures he doesn't beat around the bush but every one has to read the scriptures in their own way so they don't under stand any thing.

Well I am going to go.
Elder Bloomfield

Oh yes, Defig goes home on Thursday.

Checking out the Art work in Esteli

My comp. with the cows in the country side of Esteli

Esteli in the country

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