Friday, July 15, 2011

14 February 2011 Learning Miskito (the langauge spoken by many in Puerto Cabezas)

This week was alright, but we should have done a lot better, but it is all good. So lets see, it is looking like we are going to have a baptism of 3 families in our area this next week so I am really excited about that. They are amazing families.

So the cruise sounds like it was really fun. That is neat you met some one from Bluefields. Remember that black family I baptized a while back, they were from Bluefields. They all speak English like Bob Marley, it is way cool.

So here in Puerto, they don't speak Spanish, so I have been learning their language, it is way cool. It is like Bob Marley speaking Japanese. It is such a crazy language. yen nusna jisus kris pruis ka watla redpalisa. There is a little Miskito for you. Also it rains here every day at like 2 o'clock, it is kinda like Malaysia.

Saturday night people broke into the house and stole some bicycles, but don't worry we found the people that stole them Sunday morning and got the bikes back. It was just pure luck...

Well I don't know what else to say other than Kara will be home real soon.

By the way a missionary that just got home here to Puerto that was in Panama on his mission knew Kara and said all the elders have crushes on her. I thought that was pretty funny.


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