Saturday, July 30, 2011

16 May 2011 Rainy Week!!!

Wow busy week!!!!!

Let's see the highlight of this week was that it rained and it actually got cold here in Esteli, it was way nice. The rain part sucks though as the roads were all flooded and we were soaking wet, the roads turned into 2 feet deep rivers haha It was way fun. Some of the roads you just couldn't even walk down due to all the water. So I did some wake boarding of my own. hahah Just kidding!!! Other than that it was a good week.

One of the areas in my zone baptized the first family in a year, so they are way happy for that.

This Saturday we have a baptism for girl, her name is Johana. A friend of hers brought her to church and now she has been to church like 6 times and wants to get baptized. She already has her own scriptures and hymn book and goes to institute. It was way funny, she is single and has a kid and was telling us about how she prayed and told God that if she gets baptized, that God will help her find a good husband. Then she told us how she felt really good so she knows that God is going to help her out over time if she gets baptized and follows all of the commandments.

Yesterday we found a really cool new family. but the problem is that the guy is going to leave to the states to live soon. He comes and goes for his work, but the wife is awesome and seems like she will be super positive.

I talked to my comps. mom on the phone for 3 mins. on Mother's Day. She seems real sweet. Turns out my comp. has a brother that lives in San Antonio, so he is pretty close to our house. Also my comp. this morning was telling me how he is way sad and doesn't want to leave Esteli and how he doesn't want a new comp.. He says that I am one of the best comps. that he has had and wants to stay another change with me. That was cool to hear. We have already been together almost 3 months I figured he would probably be bored of being with me.

Well talk to you next week.
Elder Bloomfield

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