Friday, July 29, 2011

2 May 2011 A week in the life of a missionary.

Well lets see, this week we had fun- like all weeks.
lets see, Wed. we had changes. I am still with my same companion, he is way cool still. haha We got 2 new sister missionaries, so that puts my zone to 6 sisters and 6 elders. haha Plus me and my comp. It is great. Nothing against sister missionaries but they are a lot more work then elders. Also we got an elder that is not to obedient so we will have to keep our eyes on him. Since I was in the office I know the dirt on all the missionaries so it helps to help them progress and move on spiritually.

Thursday was just another normal day.

Friday we went to the area of one of the sisters to do baptismal interviews. That went so well that I baptized the guy right then and his 8 year old son. That was cool. I prayed with him and he was like I need to get baptized but if I wait till tomorrow maybe Satan will work in my mind and I won't want to so he was like can I do it right now. So we baptized him right then.

Saturday we had a cool activity in the church the attendance wasn't what we wanted it to be but it was cool. We talked about the Sabbath Day then I talked about Joseph Smith. I dressed up like Joseph Smith and talked about my life, played a guy in stick pull and beat him (Joseph Smith never losses) and I made gold plates and I showed them to every one it was way cool. It was a fun activity. Saturday night I got a phone call that Elder Duarte, one of the seventy of the area, was going to have a meeting with us and was going to come to my branch.

So, Sunday at 7 in the morning we went to church to have a meeting with him and we made plans of what we can do to raise the attendance here in Esteli. In the meeting with Elder Duarte was the branch presidents, the district presidents and 6 missionaries. It was way cool, but we were talking about what we can do to help Esteli grow because it is falling right now. He told us about how he was in a meeting with the prophet and the first presidency and all the apostles and some of the seventies and Elder Packer stood up and said "a day will arrive when being a member won't be pretty." That is a powerful quote, I got to thinking about who all will actually make it to the celestial kingdom and there really aren't many that will make it there. It is way sad to think about how many people will be lost, good friends, family members, brothers, sisters, parents. Hopefully, the leaders took to heart what he said and start to help us to work. It would be so cool to be a General Authority. I really like them.

We have a lot of work to do here in Esteli, but I am not sure what we can do to get people excited here.

Pedro now has the Aaronic priesthood and blessed the sacrament Sunday. His family doesn't live with him they live in a city just out side of Managua and he is separated from his wife, but I think he is dating or has a thing with a lady that got baptized the week after him. We will see what happens with him.

Also Elder Falabella was suppose to come this week but he had some kind of problem in Guatemala and isn't going to come any more. bummer.

Well love you and talk to you later,
Love, Elder Bloomfield

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