Friday, July 15, 2011

23 January 2011 Elder Christofferson's Visit

Ok, I finally have time to write. Alright so the week went pretty normal as normal could be until Thursday. Thursday all the people from Puerto flew in and all the people in the choir (the mission put together a choir of missionaries to sing for the apostles visit) came to Managua also. We were running around doing stuff for them. Then Friday morning we had the conference with Elder Christofferson and we were told that the church members would do every thing for that and we get there and the conference starts in about an hour and some one tells us that we need to get the computer from the office. So we leave flying into to the office that is like 45 min. round trip. We did some formula 1 driving and got back to the church and we were there for about 2 mins. before Elder Christofferson got there. He got there and the conference was amazing a super spiritual. After the meeting we just had to run errands and all kinds of stuff to help out. We finally got to bed really late.
Then Saturday we had to get up at 5:45 and take 16 elders to the airport so that they could go back to Puerto Cabezas. Then we sat there helping people get onto there plane, by the time we left there and got to the office it was around 11:00am and we hadn't eaten any thing. Every one was writing their families and we got a call from Pres. Arredondo telling us that Elder Christofferson was going to spend the night at his house. It was an all of the sudden thing so they needed our help so he was going to call us back at 2:00 to tell us all the things we need to do. Following all the things that you taught me we went straight to Pres. house to see what his wife needed help with. So we get there and asked Hermana Arredondo what she needs help with and she was just real excited that we came to see what she needed help with. She was real stressed out also, just like you get Mom when someone is coming, she even cried of joy from us helping her or of stress. We left and went and got a lot of stuff she needed then we went back her house to drop the stuff off and show her what we had bought ( the presents for Elder Christofferson & Elder Jensen). Then we went out with the Arredondo kids to buy more stuff. We got back to the house at about 6:00 at night and Elder Christofferson was suppose to get there at 630 so when we got to the house we wrapped the presents, put new pictures in picture frames and swept the floor inside. Then Pres. called and said we needed to clean the back patio before they got there. I was on my hands and knees cleaning the floor when Elder Christofferson knocks on the door, so I grabbed the broom and all the cleaning things and ran to put them in the closet. I put them there and then walked into the living room, when I turned into the living room I saw Elder Jensen, Elder Christofferson, Elder Falabella, Elder Duarte and President Arredondo, holy crap so much power in one room- one apostle and 3 seventies. After that we left and had to go to the eye store with some people we were suppose to be there at 5 but we showed up at 7:30. At 8:00pm we finally got out of the store and the APs call us and are like what have you done today we need 500 pencils and we need 500 small notebooks. The best part is that the APs didn't do any thing all day. They took the day like a normal p-day. So then they call us crying about how we do nothing cause we didn't buy their notebooks. So we went to the nearest book store and buy 500 pencils but they didn't have any notebooks, so we called the APs and told them that they can get the note books. Then we run to another store and we buy stuff for lunch on Sunday. Finally at 10 :00pm I got some McDonalds to eat. It was the first thing I had eaten all day long. After that, we went to the office to see what was up with the note books in the office. The APs weren't there just Elder Holman and Elder Bolton. Elder Holman is the elder that is going to take my place as secretary. He was called to the office on Friday. Anyways they were making the note books. So we helped them out. After we finally got the 500 notebooks done we went back home. That was like 11:45 at night. Of course when we got home the APs were sound asleep. They are so great and were such a great big help. NOT.

Any ways that was my exciting day.

Love you!

Oh one more thing, an apostles testimony of Jesus Christ is one of the most powerful things in the whole world. You can tell that they know with out a doubt that Jesus is alive. It was amazing.

Elder Bloomfield

Kyle is very serious about being a missionary as you can see from the following pictures.

"Bright Eyes" (I think this is Elder Lundquist)

Snack time in the office.

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