Friday, July 15, 2011

18 January 2011 Another busy week!!

Sorry I haven't written, I have been kinda busy and stuff, but I am here now and I am all yours for about the next 10 min. I figured out another thing that I have gotten really good at and will help me my whole life during the mission. I have to fill out peoples papers so that they can go on missions and I have probably done about 50 so I can help Travis and who ever else wants out so they can go on missions. I even have the powers to put in the bishops and stake presidents comments. haha That's always weird.

Alright so these days have been pretty normal we had choir practice again for when Elder Christoferson comes so that made Monday pretty crazy but things are back to normal now. I don't know if I told you but we played tennis on Saturday for p-day and that was really fun. We might get up and do that again tomorrow morning at like 5.

The kid that we were going to baptize doesn't get along well with his grandpa and that is who he lives with so now that he is on vacations he hasn't been around much at home to teach so that is getting hard but his sister is progressing finally now. So things are looking good for them. The one boy is going to serve a mission for sure. We just need to get him baptized. Last night we had a really fun family home evening with one of the families that Sanders and I baptized. We all read our favorite scriptures it was nice, then we played a game with them. It was way fun. We almost played uno but they wanted to play another game we taught them a couple weeks back.

Oh a kid that I dropped of at the airport to go serve in the Peru mission got to the mtc and realized that he shouldn't be there and that he couldn't really go into the mtc so he came back. Oh and the kid from El Salvador (there was an Elder serving in the El Salvador mission that was transferred to Kyle's mission)said that he knows Elder Cook (a good friend of Kyle's from Arizona). Small world!

Oh also big news, so far we have baptized 51 families this month and there are still 2 weeks to go. That's like more families then Kara's mission in total.

I think that when I leave the office I am going to go to a place where missionaries have never been. I am excited. I have to baptize 2 every day after I get out of the office to reach my goal the office put me back a little.

We have another kid in the office for a little while to do reports of every single missionary and stuff like that. He will also figure out how many baptisms every missionary has and how they help or hurt each ward. It is a lot of work. It sucks to be him.

Well I think that is all for now. I will write you later.
Love you, bye!!!!

A dirty P-day at the Tennis courts. I was not playing while doing hand stands. The racket I had was really dirty on the handle. It was like tar and stuff. It was way gross and messy.

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