Friday, July 15, 2011

30 January 2011 Being Transferrred to Puerto Cabezas

Baptism of Carlos.

Yes I did see Elder Christofferson and Elder Jensen. We had a conference with them and then we talked for like 5 min in the Arredondo's house before we had to leave and do other things.

We had a baptism yesterday of a boy named Carlos. He is amazing in one year he will be on a mission. He is so cool.

Well as far as the mission work goes I leave the office on Wed. and I will be sent to Puerto Cabezas as a Zone Leader. My companion will be Elder Stark. They had a zone leader in Puerto that was doing things he shouldn't so he is no longer a zone leader so now they need one more Zone Leader. So they gave me 10 days to train the new kid in what I do here in the office instead of the usual transfer that most get. haha Good luck for him.

I will actually fly out Thursday morning, I get to go out to a super nice dinner with the missionaries that are going home on Thursday.

The zone in Puerto in the month of January baptized 130 people and there are only 6 companionships. They also baptized around 30 families so I have my work set out for me I know when I leave here. I am pretty sad to leave the office but it has to happen. Tonight Hermana Arredondo is making me a special dinner for everything I have done for her. She also said she is going to make me cookies and give me a bag of granola, like Dads favorite kind that he always eats. She is a great person.

So to get to Puerto you have to go on airplane and you are only aloud to take 30 pounds of stuff with you, so I am going to have to leave every thing in Managua except clothes and my scriptures. The airplanes are those little ones like when we went to the Tioman Island in Malaysia. So, that should be fun. I am real excited to go out there. There is a great group of missionaries out there so I am in for another adventure of a different sort now. haha Seems like the adventures never stop in this mission.

By the way, you asked, brains are wet and slimy and don't have taste.

well i think that is all for now.

Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

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