Friday, July 29, 2011

4 April 2011 General Conference Recap

Alright this week was a little long we aren't finding many people here but life goes on.
Conference: Lets see I watched all of it and I had to watch Sunday mornings in Spanish that really sucked. The people that translate speak with no emotion and the talks have so much emotion in them, so when you here them in Spanish, it is just not the same, but it is all good. So highlights for me of conference, lets see:
-First off every one was way bummed that they didn't announce a temple her in Nicaragua.
-from Kent F. Richards He said pain is the gage of healing.
-Quentin L. Cook: A person is measured for the way they deal with challenges.
-Henry B Erying: a person cant give the lord a crust without receiving the whole loaf in return. Also before all service we should prepare spiritually, choose people that will feel the love of Christ and use the power of unity to teach. This is some thing that dad is way good at. He always bringing the family together to work.
-Boyd K Packer: We should always use the full name of the church not call it the Mormon church. I also liked his John leave it alone story.
-Richard J Maynes: the Family is like a rope
-M. Russell Ballard: Small and Simple things
-Niel L Anderson: The blessings of bringing souls to the church are far more than anything else.
-Steven E Snow: Many hopes never came to past due to laziness.
-Larry M Gibson: (this was one of my most favorite talks from this conference) Do you think God would call you if he didn't think you could do it
-Dieter F Uchtdorf: Living under our priesthood.
-Henry B Erying: people that usually work together well always are a peace giver.
-Thomas S Monson: He is AMAZING!! Nothing in this life can give more happiness then a MARRIAGE. Choose your love and love your choice. It is not marrying the right person it is being the right person.
-Dieter F Uchtdorf: With all the problems in the world today it is easy to preach the gospel.
-Paul U. Johnson: After each trial I should analyze what I have learned.
-H David Burton: Be kind to the POOR.
-David A. Bednar: NO man can receive the Holy Ghost with out receiving Revelation first.
-Thomas S Monson: No Sacrifice is to much, there is no distance to far for the covenants that you make in the temple.
-D. Todd Christofferson: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a plan to make us what God wants us to be.
-Lynn G Robbins: (mom this one is all for you) Challenging children are a blessing. This came straight out of his mouth. haha a si que buck up. also I need you to make me better just as much as you need me to make you better. The best parenting manual: the Scriptures.
-C. Scott Grow: First off his parents are real mean they made his name a sentence. The power of the atonement.
-Jefferey R. Holland: Wow he is so dedicated. I liked how he said the gospel of Jesus Christ is here to comfort the afflicted and afflict those who are comfortable.
Well that is what I got out of the conference. It was Amazing I have learned so much. In the back of my journal I took special notes of things I have to do when I get home, and with my future wife, and with my family.
Here in the mission, if we get the blessing from the lord we are going to pull a huge miracle here in Esteli. As of right now, we have 8 families that are ready to be baptized as a zone. The most that has ever been baptized in one month here is 6, so we are putting all the faith we have in the lord and going big. If we can get this to happen it will set the mood for the rest of the months to come and Esteli will start growing like no other, but who knows what will happen.
There are 3 of our areas that are 2 hours away, so I think I am going to go out there with them for 3 days and make sure every thing is tuanis so that we can do what we can.
Also me and my comp have made a pact to read the Book of Mormon in a month so we are reading 30 mins. in the morning and 30 mins. in the night. We are reading around 10 chapters a day. We should be able to finish in 24 days or so. Pretty cool.
Well that is all for now . As far as the whole college thing, I have no idea. I talk with Elder Lundquist about what we are going to do when we get home. We haven't really come to any conclusion about college, but we have decided that we will both find girls to marry with in a year and a half of being home. less if possible.
Well I love you. Keep doing what your doing.
Elder Bloomfield

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