Saturday, July 30, 2011

30 May 2011 A New Companion, Again!!!!

Cassi still doesn't know how to read? (I told Kyle my goal for Cassi this summer is to help her to be a better reader) Do what you did with me in Korea, you got me up at 6 in the morning every day to sit on the couch and read the amazing "3 musketeers". it seems like it worked. I am reading and writing to you right now, so it had to have worked.

WAIT, Travis had 100 percent attendance in early morning seminary (He really did!! Travis did not miss a day of early morning seminary this year. He got himself up and drove himself every morning. We are soooooooo proud of him - it is huge to be able to do that with everything else he has going on). That is impressive, he has to be beat, but he did have Tim Burton as his teacher, he is the bomb. I love that guy.

So lets just take a look back at this week together. Monday consejo de lideres I had changes and had Elder Peña put as my companion. Tuesday night he gets a call from President asking if he would be comps with an Elder that has a ton of issues. He accepted so Pres. Arredondo said at changes in 2 weeks it would be done. Later Wed. night we get a call from the aps and they tell us that Elder Peña has changes and that he leaves first thing Thursday morning, so Thursday at 5:30am he left and I stayed in my house all alone until 2:00 waiting until my new comp got here. His name is Elder Lopez. He has been in the mission for 10 months and we lived in the same house together in Puerto. He is way cool and a great missionary. He got baptized 2 years ago so he is still a recent convert. I am training him on how to be a zone leader, so every thing here is great. Even better news he has a camera (Kyle's back pack with everything including his camera and suit got stolen so now he does not have a camera, he just puts his media card in other people's camera and takes pictures that way. That is why he is excited his comp has a camera. I offered to send him a new one, but he said no that it will probably just get stolen too) so now we will be able to send photos and stuff. So just be ready for those.

I can't believe Marc Lucas is home already, that is crazy and Kyle Robinson gets home in like 2 months and I get home 2 months after that. It is crazy how fast time flies and I think Ben Patty gets home the week before I do even though I started 3 before him.

Sounds like a good book( I am reading a book by Henry B. Eyring called "Because he loved us first". Kara recommend it to me. She read it on her mission. It has great references to the Atonement and I was telling Kyle about it). I have so much to read when I get home. Right now I am just reading the Book of Mormon and studying all the little details. it is awesome!!

Elder Bloomfield

These pictures were taken of Kyle while we skyped with him on Mother's Day.

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