Friday, July 15, 2011

28 February 2011 Slaying of the Turtle

So turtle is one of the most common foods here in Puerto, so we all wanted to know what the process is like killing a sea turtle. It turns out that the process of killing a turtle is way interesting. First off we woke up at 3am and left and went walking down the street until a taxi drove past. But don't worry we were safe we had a giant stick, machete, and our athletic clothes on in case any one wanted to rob us. I was more worried for the stupid dogs that enjoy biting. Anyways we got to Kingmin's house but by the time we got there he had already killed one turtle and wasn't going to kill anymore that day, but luckily he had a neighbor that hadn't killed his turtle yet, so we went over to his house and watched how he killed the sea turtle. It is pretty brutal. They catch the sea turtles and just keep them under their house because the houses here are on stilts so the turtles just lay on their backs till they are slaughtered. Alright for the gross part. How they kill them: they tap its head lightly with the dull side of an AXE and when the turtle breathes in they just start beating it in the nose until they are passed out. Then they grab a knife and slit the turtles throat. That is about enough of the description that you probably want to hear. It is pretty brutal.

Alright now to the spiritual side of the letter, we were told not to baptize this week because we had reached our goal. It doesn't make sense to me but that is what our leaders say so we do it. Things were looking good for this Saturday that is coming. We were going to baptize 3 familias but things didn't go so well Sunday. One family the father left and went to the ocean to fish for 12 days so he is gone for a while. The other family had a guy come over and tell them that they just talk and listen to us because we are white but really we are Satan worshipers and the anti-Christ. haha Satan is a silly guy. Oh another funny thing. When we went to the turtle thing there was a church going on, one of those churches that scream and fall to the the ground and seizure and stuff. It was 3 in the morning. That is not called worshiping god......

Well this next week will be so super busy, we need to do real well. This change is almost up so missionaries will want to baptize every one. That means a ton of interviews those are the funnest part of the week.

well love to all

Elder Bloomfield

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