Friday, July 15, 2011

7 February 2011 Life in Puerto Cabezas

Alright so I am here in Puerto Cabezas just hanging out. I played 2 games of basketball then like 9 games of soccer. We won almost all of the games. It was way fun.

Puerto is like living in- I don't know. All the houses are on stilts and every thing like that. All the people that aren't smart don't know how to speak Spanish. They speak a language called Miskito and it is really hard to understand. In other words if I want to be successful here I will have to learn Miskito, but there is a missionary that came home from Panama that had health problems so he is going to hang out at home until he is healthy enough. Last night Elder Stark and I had a meeting with him. He gave us some good ideas for activities and stuff and says he knows a ton of people that we can teach. He also says he will give us lessons on Miskito. He is awesome. He also said something.

My plane ride here was like an hour. Elder Stark was at the airport waiting for me. He is now my companion. Its kinda funny cause the first day he got to Nicaragua I took him out and taught him the ropes and we have been in the same zones a ton.

The zone didn't do to good this week. We only baptized 18 and 4 families. I know it sounds like a lot for you but we should be baptizing 25 a week and 6 or so families. We have a little work to do to get the things done that we need to. So off to work we are.

Well I don't know what else to say really. We baptized on the beach this week. Here we baptize in lakes, rivers, beaches or the font. It is pretty cool.

One of the investigators we found this week is one of the richest people in Puerto he is the judge for like all the area and a very influential person. If we can get him baptized it would be amazing, a huge step for the church her in Puerto.

Well I love you,

Elder Bloomfield

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