Friday, July 15, 2011

8 March 2011 Oh Rats (literally)

So over all the week was hard just because we didn't have the success that we really should have, but the good news is last month we were the highest baptizing zone in the mission. It was mostly families also. woooo hooooo

Sweet that you went to the temple with Kara. I am planning on going Friday, the day after I get home but I want to go by myself, so that I can have the drive to think and I can get every thing straightened out in my life. For me my mission doesn't stop until I have been to the temple to report to the Lord the work that I am doing.

Oh last week I also almost lost an eye ball to a stupid dog. That thing was way mad. haha It sure scared me.

Our investigator gets back from fishing this week so hopefully we can baptize him and his family.

I got my socks out of the drawer Sunday and found that I had a giant hole in it from a rat. It is a pretty lame, first pair of socks down
but don't worry I still have those sexy socks(the Argyle ones).

Well have a great week.
Love, Elder Bloomfield

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