Friday, July 29, 2011

25 April 2011 Leadership Council

Missionaries at Leadership Council

Every one had the whole week for vacations so they all left to the beach or a river and got drunk then drowned or got in a car crash such a great way to celebrate the death of the Savior of all of them. But don't worry they did better this year only 18 people died this year apposed to the 22 last year so things are improving.

As far as the work, it was nice to have the vacations cause we were able to find some families from the church and re-activate them. It is way cool. We reactivated like 3 familias this week, but some how the attendance at church still goes down. I don't get it.

Well I have to go to Managua for leader counsel, so I can't write any more but I will probably write tomorrow.

Love, Elder Bloomfield

Alright I am back now in Esteli and I have a little time to write now.

Let's see for council of the leaders, we got to the church at 3:30 and we started at 4:00, so we finished there at 6:45 then we went to dinner with all the ZLs and Pres.. It was way cool he took us to a way nice restaurant. It is a little expensive so we just got a set menu and then ice cream for desert. Then we went back to the house where the office missionaries live and we slept there and early in the morning we got up to come back to Esteli. Then we had zone meetings, lunch and then finally showered for the day and worked a little. Now I am here doing numbers and finishing writing my family.

Well changes are tomorrow so we will see who has changes in my zone. It will be exciting.

Got to go
Love Elder Bloomfield

Hermana Arredondo and the missionaries with their turtle CTR rings

Elder Whatcot and Elder DeFigueredo

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